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Click on one of the MDMA albums below, hit ‘Play’ and know five things:

  • Every 10-20 seconds you will be presented with one, two or three options;
  • Your choice will determine the audio and video for the next segment of the journey;
  • If you don’t decide in time, no problem, the app will choose for you;
  • Once you have hit 100%, you have listened to the entire album;
  • Don’t worry if you have to leave the app/browser, it will remember which segments you have already played.

For best results, put your browser in 'Full Screen' mode (for most browsers just hit the F11 key)!


Here you can listen to the world’s first Multi Directional Music Album (MDMA), an audio visual experience of electronic music and abstract art produced by Cyber Erotic Love Child.

We are pleased to announce that the third MDMA is also now upon us, courtesy of eikin.  

 More MDMA's are in the pipeline.  This is just the beginning. 

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Album: V of Mood

Artist : Restless Mosaic (remixed by CELC)

Released: Wednesday 14th September 2022

Duration: 7.3 minutes minimum

About: Navigate the Highways of the USA

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Album: illasúla

Artist : eikin

Released: Saturday 5th February 2022

Duration: 3 minutes minimum

About: Navigate to the centre of illasúla

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Album: Automata Exhibition

Artist : Junkyard of Silenced Poets

Released: Friday 5th November 2021

Duration: 4.5 minutes minimum

About: Several short and unique “choose your own adventure” journeys from start to finish. Can you navigate them all to unlock the hidden coda?

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Album: The Bounce

Artist: Cyber Erotic Love Child

Released: July 2021

Duration: 3.3 hours minimum

About: An audio visual experience of electronic music and abstract art. Nobody will ever listen to this album in the same order as you, but can you set the record for listening to the whole album in the shortest possible time?


Are you interested in producing your own MDMA? No problem, that’s why we built the Manchineel Platform. Just get in touch at the e-mail address below, and we will show you the ropes.